Habits and Highs by Eden S. Quire

Highs And Habits

by Eden S. Quire

The euphoria, the ecstasy, heart racing like a train, 

The immeasurable bliss, the exhilaration, the elation, the energy coursing through my veins. 

The insatiable desire for more, a craving I could not suppress 

I was introducedat an early age, I'm still chasing that first high I guess. 


Less of a need for eating and sleeping, because the desire consumed my mind. 

Took some real bad trips, swore I'd quit, but I relapsed every time.

Call it dependence, strung out, I prefer self-medication

Cause the feeling it gave soothed all my ills, call it self-preservation.


The longer indulged the more that I needed, tolerance level increasing 

The more I got, the more I wanted that appetite was never ceasing 

Now I was functional in my addiction only using what was mine 

No begging, borrowing, or stealing from the next to support my habit, I vowed I'd never cross that line. 


Because I'd seen what it had done to others, dimmed the gleam in their eye 

Made them irritable, erratic, depressed, sometimes violent, still others it made them die. 

I think those are the ones that gave up the fight,

No more meeting, no more steps, just dimming of the light 


To anyone who's thinking about opening that package, 

I highly recommended proceeding with some caution, no throw caution to the wind.

Guess you can say I'm an addict, they say cocaine is one helluva drug,

I don't know about cocaine, but I for sho' been high off love. 


Eden S. Quire is a Creative Writer for AB+L Radio. You can follow her on IG at @edensquire 

Invert The World is a  Content Curator for AB+L Radio. You can see more of his work on www.InvertTheWorld.com or follow him at @InvertTheWorld 

Art by Invert The World 

Art by Invert The World