Comedy Hype: Burpie of Wild'N Out

AB+L Radio and Comedy Hype teamed up again to bring some insight to the world of comedy. This week we are featuring, Burpie of Wild'N Out. The super energetic and animated comedian is based out of Bowling Green, VA and has been performing comedy for eight years.; email:

Twitter, Snapchat, IG: @IAmBurpie

Facebook: Comedian Burpie    


How would you describe your work? 

I'd describe my comedy as memorable. When you leave my shows, you'll be trying to re-tell a joke of mine before you even get to the car. I want my jokes to be embedded into your memory for as long as possible. I want you to call your friend after a show and try to tell them the joke.


Where do you find inspiration for your work?

My inspiration comes from life and, of course, I'm inspired by the greats such as Capone, Redd Foxx, Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, Katt Williams, Kevin Hart, & Richard Pryor. My inspiration also comes from fear. I'm afraid to be broke again. I'm afraid to live check to check again. I'm afraid to get a disconnection notice, you know?


What do you think is the biggest obstacle for a creative?

I feel the biggest obstacle for a stand-up comedian right now is social media and it's also the biggest platform. Every comedian isn't built to make videos and skits, but we need it today because that's what comedy clubs and talent agents look at: "How many views and followers do you have?"

 What is the lasting impression you want to make on others with your comedy?

 What I want people to say when they talk about Burpie is that he was genuinely a good guy. Very humble & down to earth. Oh, and funny of course.


  How did you get started telling jokes professionally? 

 I was working in corporate America, and a woman I worked with for 5 years - that I never spoke to, never said as much as "Hi" to - walked up to me and said she thought I was hilarious (in conversation) and that I should try stand-up. What did she see in me that I didn't see? After that, I tried an open mic and it took off.


As an artist, why do you create?

 I create as an artist to bring joy to someone's life. I didn't understand the affect I had on people until I got on the road & they came up to me to express how much better they felt after leaving my show.


What  do you think the role/responsibilities of an artist is in society? 

 The role we have in society is our influence on the youth. This generation looks at IG, Snapchat, & YouTube EVERY DAY. But as public figures, we have to tell the youth about the hard work we've put in before we got to where they think we are now. Instill in them that everybody won't make it in this industry, but still work hard at whatever you do.


What is your dream accomplishment as a comedian?

 My dream accomplishment would be to win Emmys for a sitcom that I created. That would be the ultimate gratification. Just to be recognized for something that I created - my stand-up special, for example - or a show that I created would be satisfaction.

 What have you learned along the way? Any advice that you would give to anyone wanting to pursue a comedic art career? 

 I've learned that originality & setting yourself apart from everyone else is what constitutes longevity in this business. You can't get comfortable because there's always someone coming for your spot. That's the advice I would give: Never get comfortable. Stay thirsty, my friends (LAUGHS).