Comedy Hype: Dino Archie

AB+L Radio & have teamed up to bring you the hottest new comedic artists on the rise. Next up is Dino Archie.

Dino Archie/Born in raised in Fresno CA/A One sided conversation and punchlines

Professional Career: 7 years , IG: @dinothebeloved


1.  How would you describe your work? 

Dino A (1).jpg

I try not to describe my work.  I used to lie and say I'm a substitute teacher just to avoid the "tell me a joke" request.  Now I just say I'm a comic and keep it moving.  As soon as you start explaining it it's immediately a terrible not funny conversation.

2. Where do you find inspiration for your work?  

I've found inspiration in small humiliations.  Situations where you can't do anything but laugh.  Situations where you are forbidden to laugh always gets me going.  Now I'm looking deeper within to talk about how I really feel about life.  Acid will do that.

3. What do you think is the biggest obstacle for a creative?

Biggest obstacle of creativity for me would be distractions i.e social media.  It's gives a false sense of what is and isn't ok to talk about and a false idea of what success is. Not comedy hype though haha I mean that.

4. How did you get started with telling jokes professionally? 

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I started by watching comics get busy in the belly room at the comedy store in LA.  … My boy opened a comedy room at a bowling alley, Lucky Strike, he asked my to host, I didn't know what the hell I was doing.  I'd come up with jokes for the week while I was working at AT&T, and bring new stuff every week.  I stayed with it, earned a few spots at comedy clubs.  Opened up for a few established comics and began headlining where ever I could.  Dropped a few comedy albums and did a late night set. A few years go by, you look up and realize you're doing this full time. But this is just the start.

7. As an artist, why do you create?

I actually really like what I do, I guess that's why I create.  The rules of comedy keep you on the edge, being original and being funny in front of a different group of strangers each night is a real high.  You can still bomb after years, I just saw my buddy bomb twice in a night and it was hilarious because he's great comic.  We've done that for free for years so to get paid to do it is pretty right on.

8. What  do you think the role/responsibilities of an artist is in society? 

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People do comedy for different reasons but the comics who resonated with me always called the world out through a farmer lens.  They exposed themselves in the process, they're fearless, thoughtful and hilarious.

9. What is your dream accomplishment as a comedian?

My dreams change along the way.  In the beginning I just wanted to get passed as a regular at the Improv in Hollywood.  Then I wanted to headline a comedy club.  Then do a late night set.  Now the motivation is to be undeniable funny.  My sense of humor won't match with with every crowd but to be considered Undeniably great at this one day is something that keeps me going.  There's always work to do when that's the dream.  

10. What have you learned along the way? Any advice that you would give to anyone wanting to pursue an art career? 

I've learned a lot, but one conclusion I've come to is no one is above accountability and no one is beneath love. My only advice  I have is to be fearless, thoughtful and funny.  That's for me.

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