Comedy Hype: Malcolm Hall

AB+L Radio & have teamed up to bring you the hottest new comedic artists on the rise. Next up is Malcolm Hall.  

Malcolm Hall / Intelligent & Energetic Comedy: Los Angeles, CA

 Professional career : 7 years

 Instagram, Youtube, Facebook , Snapchat ,Twitter as  @Blackcungfu

1.) How would you describe your work? 

Malcolm H..png

     I would describe my work as diverse. I do a lot of different things to to create my comedy. Stand up comedy is my primary focus but I enjoy being funny in other ways. Podcasting has become a another avenue of comedy for me. It give the ability to to connect with other people in ways I cant on stage. 

2.) Where do you find inspiration for your work?  

   My life is my inspiration for my comedy. When i go through a situation thats relatable I try to make material out of it. I'm finally at a place  where I am confutable with my self. It allows to talk about my life experiences that can inspire others. Seeing my peers succeed gives inspiration to reach my goals too.


3.) What do you think is the biggest obstacle for a creative?

   Working a full time job is a hurdle for me. I work in corporate American 9 hours day. Thats a large portion of my time I can t be creative. Not having the ability to be creative for such large periods of time suppress my creativity. I still mange to be creative with the time I have.


4.) What is the lasting impression you want to make on others with your comedy?

    "I want people to Relax, Have fun and Escape the Dailey worries when watching my Set!"

5) How did you get started with telling jokes professionally? 

     I started telling jokes in college. I was living in North Carolina at the time. I believed there was more  opportunity for me. I came to visit some comedian friends in Los Angeles. I realized in order to achieve the success I was looking for I was going to have to move. I visited La for the first  time July 2013. By Halloween of that year I was a resident if Los Angeles.

6) As an artist, why do you create?

      "I create because it helps me stay Grounded. It also gets me out of my Head, and gives me a chance to Enlighten other People.    

7) What  do you think the role/responsibilities of an artist is in society? 


   "I believe any Artist with a Platform, should always be conscious of what's going on around them and become a part of the Solution and not the problem." My role is to tell the truth. When Im on stage I am being honest and giving my perceptive. Comedians have  always been the truth tellers of society. I see my self as no different. My roll is to make you laugh and think. Jokes are funny yet informative and intelligent when deliver in a certain manner. I want society to view me as the funny guy that doesn't bull shit. 

9) What is your dream accomplishment as a comedian?

  My dream is to a world tour. I want to tell jokes all over the world. To be able spread happiness to as many people as I can is the goal. And to write produce and star in my own film. Making a film has also be something I want to accomplish. I whole heartedly believe  I will be able to do so. 

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