Artist Spotlight: Kaya Faery

Today we would like to introduce you all to another talented artist: Kaya Faery. Some of Kaya's work is currently being displayed in the Arts, Beats, and Lyrics traveling showcase. We reached out to her to get some insight about her craft and experience with the show.

Question: Tell us a little about yourself.

Kaya: My preferred artist name Kaya Faery. I'm based in Atlanta, GA. My medium of work is Photography. I've been shooting since I was three, but I just entered the art arena seven years.

Question: How did you get involved with Art, Beats, and Lyrics?

Kaya: I've been attending Art, Beats, and Lyrics before I started shooting (seriously) seven years ago.  Once I got back into photography, I was determined to somehow get my work in the show. About four years ago, I shot Mister Soul, CFlux, and Goldi Gold painting their wall for the show. That year I hassled everyone I knew to try and get me in the show, and got nowhere.
The following year I found the source. I went to the Villains show that Eric Nine put on at Monday Night Brewery and followed Dubelyoo around for a while. I finally introduced myself and asked,
"Who do I talk to to get into AB+L?!?" 
He said, "You're looking at him." A couple of days of FB messenger stalking and asked me to submit some pieces.  This year he came to me and asked for three pieces. That was the most AMAZING feeling EVER!!!

 Question: How would you describe your work?

Kaya: I am a natural light photographer. I don't use lights, or flashes. I don't shoot in studios. I rely on what is available to create a mood, and to also preserve the natural state of my subjects. 

Question:  What is the story behind your work in the AB+L show?

Kaya: There are two different stories.
The first piece is called "For the Birds". It's a sunrise shot from one of my first trips to an abandoned structure last February. Waking up at sunrise and seeing the city come alive was an absolutely amazing adventure. I also like to call myself 'The Bird Lady' because I have a knack for capturing birds in flight.    
The other story goes with the pair of photos. They are part of a series I've been working on since last year entitled, "Inside the Mind of an Artist." These photos represent the chaos that can take over an artist's mind when trying to get a rhythm going on a new piece.  

Question: How is Art, Beats, and Lyrics different from other arts shows?

Kaya: Art, Beats, and Lyrics provides a nationwide arena to share my work. It pushes my reach outside of Atlanta. It's also a really good party lol :)!

Question: What has been the biggest take away from being a part of Art, Beats, and Lyrics?

Kaya: My biggest take away from Art, Beats, and Lyrics is to just do it. Stalk folks, bug folks, get up in their ear to get yourself heard. Closed mouths don't get fed!

For more on Kaya and her work,

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