A Soulful Voyage with Shon Pittman

On Friday, January 21, 2017, Shon Pittman held her debut solo art show entitled "Soulful Voyage: 25 years in the making." She displayed a collection of organic and feminine work through paintings and ink illustrations. The event was held at Push Creatives studios. For the past two years, Shon has displayed her art in the Metro Atlanta area. Most notably, her work has been displayed in the Moving Art Experience, City of Ink, Mason Fine Art Gallery, and at the 2016 One Music Fest.

Shon's love for nature and human relationships is evident in her work. She explores the complexity of not only plant life, but the human experience, layering paintings with poems and 3D elements, creating a symbiosis relationship between the two.

Her illustrations are delicate drawings, showcasing her skills to capture detail within a small space. Again, the theme of nature and man intersecting appears in the drawings to create unique pieces of art.

Shon is an ever evolving artist. As she grows in experience, so does her work. She constantly pushes herself to create art that is not only captivating to the eye, but also shows her ability to depict elaborate concepts. Below Shon shares some of her thoughts on her artwork and goal as an artist.         

"I came up with the name SoulfulVoyage about 2-3 years ago after I graduated from college. While in school I was very stressed. I was living my life for other people instead of myself. I had lost touch of what I really wanted to do and how I wanted to live, but I always knew one thing that made me happy: my art. So I made the decision to change my life's path to be an artist and get in tune with myself and start my soulful voyage. As far has my work i give a piece of myself in each piece that I do. I always want to be in a good positive space where my soul is light and lifted and someone wouldn't mind carrying that energy into their home.
There's so much I want to accomplish with my art, but the main focus is to inspire. Inspire others to follow their dreams, whatever it may be; inspire others to love not only man but life, and to inspire myself to constantly do my best. I want my art to emanate love and light and I want others to feel that as well locally and globally. "

For more information on Shon Pittman follow her on Instagram at @soulfulvoyage and visit her website at soulfulvoyage.com