The Epic Battle of the NBA Finals.

Asure Illustrations, the artist behind the Ellyn Comic,  recreates NBA play off matches as epic, comic book battles between mascots.In the depiction of the final battle, the mascots hurl in mid air, through the debris of a crumbling building. 

As you get lost in the piece, the detailing offers layers to the artwork. In the Cavalier's hand is a giant tooth. A Raptors tooth one can only assume. In contrast the Warrior is prepared to smack the shxt out of the Cav with a saxophone, an obvious remnant from the sweep of the Utah Jazz. 

The series bridges a love for sports with fantasy elements. Click through the slide below to check out more illustrations.

Asur has also created process videos for the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers  NBA Championship. Check it out. 

You can see more from Asur Illustration on their Facebook Page here.  Follow them on Twitter at @asurart. Aslo check out more of their comic work here