Broken Stories: A Miya Bailey Solo Exhibit

On Friday, July 7, 2017 in the historic South Atlanta area, Miya Bailey, founder of Atlanta's City Of Ink tattoo shop, held his highly anticipated summer solo exhibit at Notch 8 Gallery. The collection is called "Broken Stories", serving as a reflection and exploration of the artist's childhood memories.

Nostalgia filled the room with colorful depictions of classic cartoon characters like Charlie Brown, Fat Albert, The Flintstones, and more. 

Walking through the exhibit you were reminded of a child's imagination and creative spirit that still lingers in the mind of an adult. With the use of crayons and his signature ink line work, Bailey easily captured these blended realities in his paintings. And it showed in the audience that came out to the show.

Parents and children alike gazed upon the work, pointing at their favorites, sharing smiles throughout the night. This is something we don't often get to see, as many art shows in Atlanta are age restricted for drinking adults or center around more adult themes like sex, drug culture, and sensuality.

For more information on Miya Bailey, follow him on Instagram at @miyabailey or check out his website

by: Bri Simpson for AB+L Radio.   IG @bri.simpson
photos by Invert The World AB+L Radio  IG TW @inverttheworld