Not So Simple by Daien Von & Invert The World

Daien Von has been on our radar for a little over a year now. We first found out about her when the Atl Socialites slid us her first dance short film Awoken . Later on Daien reach out our very own InvertTheWould to EP her second short film "Not So Simple". Not So Simple Stars Kia Davila (@kia.davila) as "The Beauty" and Andrè Barron (@andre_ninjamin) as"The Admirer". It's a story of a young mans vivid daydream of an admire as she walks by and the complex conflicting thoughts in his mind. 

Check out Daein Von's previous works HERE

Join Stockpile and get $5 in free stock on us!

Join Stockpile and get $5 in free stock on us!

The Blackest 2 mins and 18 seconds of your day: Black Panther Preview

I just got a text message that said. "The blackest 2 mins and 18 seconds of your day" and a link attached. I had no idea what I was clicking, but I did it anyway. Then I saw the title and got kindaexcited. But when I clicked play, all I could say is HOLY SH*T!!!...... I just need to know who all trying to go with us on OPENING NIGHT!? 

Written by: DJ Johnson for Invert The World Art & Design.

DJ Johnson is the Director of Operations for AB+L Radio.

Check out his  website for more of his work.