Comedy Hype: Dexter Fugerson

Dexter Fugerson/Furg is an Atlanta, GA based comedian. He describes his comedy style as an on-going evolution of ideas and creativity, and audiences should "Expect the unexpected."

How did you get started with telling jokes professionally? 

 I always wanted to tell jokes and I started a YouTube vlog with my homie. I said, "Why not do stand up?", and we made it into a vlog. It was terrible but people giggled, and instantly I knew this is what I needed to do. I knew I was trash as hell but I had a lot of potential. I blocked that video on YouTube so no one could see it. 

 How long have you been pursuing the art professionally :

I have been pursuing the art for 2 years and some months, but it feels like I've been a comedian since I was a kid. I use to get teased a lot growing up for being dark-skinned. I couldn't fight so I had to develop quick wit and humor, and if you embarrass people with outlandish statements, you get respect.

Where do you find inspiration for your work?  

My life, especially the negative parts... they're pure gold. My unconventional childhood breeds stories for days, especially being raised in a group home on the weekends because my mother couldn't find a baby sitter. If accidentally seeing your great grandmother's vagina - and it looking weathered as if it was fading from light to dark, like a Fubu jersey - isn't inspiration enough, I don't know what is. I'm a very observant person, so I tend to take in everything that's going on around me. Just look around, inspiration is everywhere. 

What do you think is the biggest obstacle for a creative?

 My biggest creative obstacle is me, myself and I. "Yours truly" is extremely sensitive about what I create, especially onstage doing stand up, because it takes a lot of time to cultivate and it is personal. Also, it's finding like minded people with your same work ethic who are down to put their egos aside and make something dope, no matter what it is.

 As an artist, why do you create?

 I create to bring people together, to create unique experiences, and to create dialogue among those who vibe with me.

What do you think the role/responsibilities of an artist is in society? 

 It's to get everyone having conversations and experiencing different perspectives, to understand each other better. America needs it. Who better to bring society together and express the feelings that play within its undercurrent, the things no one wants to speak about?

 What is your dream accomplishment as a comedian?

 My dream accomplishment is to create, act, write and to executive produce shows for platforms like Adult Swim, Comedy Central, Viceland, Noisey, MTV, VH1 and Complex. I just need someone who believes in me enough to give me a shot. I will surprise a lot of people because my pen game is strong.  

 What have you learned along the way? Any advice that you would give to someone looking to pursue a comedic art career? 

I've learned not to worry about the money. It will come, especially as a creative. Take calculated risks. Don't just up and quit your job. You will eventually, though. Lastly, do not... I repeat...

DO NOT look at other people's success and measure it to yours. Focus on you and enjoy the ride.

    For more information or to contact Dexter Fugerson, visit his website at, and follow his social media handles @dfurg on Twitter, Instagram and SnapChat.