Artist Spotlight: Goldi Gold

AB+L Radio blog sat down with the colorful, digital illustrator, Goldi Gold, to catch up with him and to gain some insight on him as an artist. His work has been seen throughout Atlanta (and our website), he's also a participating artist in the traveling art showcase, Art, Beats, and Lyrics. 

Ab+L: Tell us a little about yourself:

Goldi Gold: I'm Goldi Gold. Born in Newark, New jersey. Raised in east orange & orange new jersey. Reside in Atlanta. Digital illustrator with a splash of graphics and have been on the art grind for a decade plus and some change.

social media handles - | instagram: Goldigold45 |  facebook: Goldi Gold

AB+L: How would you describe your work? 

Goldi Gold: Yikes! My work can honestly be described by how I feel at the moment. Some days are on some,

"Lets just put something down."

A lot of days especially now, it's more like,

"Aight, lets make someone go back to the drawing (board)today. Hahaha."



AB+L: Where do you find inspiration for your work?  

Goldi Gold: I try to be inspired by everything. I'm a fan of the process because you have to make your actual thoughts into reality in some shape or form. Then make it work,

whether for a living or just to get by.  But added to that, my fellow artist I know and follow. A bulk of them are in Atlanta. A lot of bold artists (are) flexing their muscle on the scene and I'm truly inspired by that.


AB+L: What is the biggest obstacle you face creatively?

Goldi Gold: My biggest obstacle is myself when dealing with creatively. I tend to take these crazy extended breaks from creating. It's usually when all my projects are done for clients, and myself of course. I'm not reckless. Hahaha. But the time away just gives me time to think and absorb things I can't really do if i was constantly drawing and working on art. It ends up adding to my art in the long run. 

AB+L: What is the lasting impression you want to make on others with your work?

 Goldi Gold: If people see my work and realize they can use different colors outside the box, breaking the rules make things more alive, and learn something from the subject matter that I think they should know that'll  make me feel damn good with the outcome of my artwork!

 AB+L: Why do you create?

Goldi Gold: I create because it gives me life......Hahahaha. Naw. I create because it's a beautiful outlet that stirs emotion in somebody whether you trying to or not.