Artist Spotlight: Jahi Walker

This week's artist spotlight features Atlanta based photographer, Jahi Walker. Jahi has been pursuing photography since 2013, but began seriously in 2014. While his website ( ) is still under construction, his work can be seen on two Instagram accounts.  "@Jahi._"  is for his nature shots and cityscapes & "@Jahi_Walker" is for portraits and candids. You can reach Jahi by email at

Jahi: The best way to describe my work is how I see the world. I envision what I want to capture before I even take the picture and make my imagination come to life in editing.  What inspires me is the same answer for how I describe my work.  

I love capturing different perspectives of things seen everyday when it comes to shooting the city and I love nature & all the beauty/mystery that comes with it.

AB+L: What do you think is the biggest obstacle for a creative?

Jahi: In my opinion the biggest obstacle is being inspired by other photographers while not copying their work. Finding your own lane and setting yourself apart. I genuinely love it [photography] and every image I share is a reflection of my soul....most importantly, I don't do it for the likes or the "dope shot" comments. 

AB+L: How did you gravitate toward your medium of choice? 

Jahi: I grew up around photography. My dad is a retired photojournalist and I was always intrigued by his equipment.[ lol ] plus I can't draw or paint but I love art.  I love to share the beauty of the world. It also gives me a reason to push myself when I go on adventures, whether it's a new rooftop or the side of a cliff facing my fear of heights.