Sheree Swann: A Brief Encounter

ABL Radio blog ran into Sheree Swann on Saturday, December 10 at Art Beats & Lyrics Miami. She is a digital photographer based in Atlanta, and is one of the talented artists featured in the Arts, Beats, and lyrics art tour. In between mixing and mingling with the show attendees, we were able to ask her a few questions about her work.


Question How did you get involved with Art, Beats, and Lyrics?

Sheree: I first experienced AB+L in 2010 and fell in loooove with the platform! From there, it became a dream of mine to be a participating artist so I kept putting it out there and asking artists I knew in the show,
"Who do I need to talk to and how do I contact them?"
 I reached out and heard from no one! Soon enough, fellow artist and friend, Goldi Gold, directed me to Dubelyoo. He saw my work and gave me the green light!


Question: What is the story behind the piece featured in the show

Sheree: "Trip, Fall... Levitate" is a piece that I'm super proud! It's different from previous works that I've ever displayed anywhere. Viewers always try to figure it and I admit: I love the guess work! 
This concept had been brewing in my head for about two months... One day, I met up with Goldi Gold and he asked me about what I had lined up to work on creatively. I started telling him about this idea I had... and asked him if he would do it. He was down! We conceptualized the outfit. Shopped for it. Scouted the location... It was a little uncomfortable for him as we shot, but, he was supportive in knowing that I wanted
to capture and create magic! 

Question: How does AB+L show  differ from other art shows?

Sheree: The way people come together in the name of Hip Hop and Honey Jack: the art... the music, is super dope! And it's not just limited to that. It's a one of a kind experience that travels to different cities and everyone should go! The people are laid back, they appreciate the art on display and they want to have good time... it never fails; they always do!
AB+L allows art to travel to different cities and be exposed to a lot of different people.
Even with that, the artists can go where their art is, which might be a place they never thought about traveling to. The energy is crazy (in a good way)! 


Question: What has been the biggest take away from being a part of the AB+L art show ? 

Sheree: To not under estimate the power and value of what I create.
For every "No", there is also a "Yes." 
That "yes" can take one to more places ever imagined.



For more information on Sheree's work check, out the following:

IG: @reeswa

Facebook: Lens of Life Photography