Comedy Hype: Trey Moe

AB+L Radio & have teamed up to bring you the hottest new comedic artists on the rise. This week we are featuring Trey Moe. Trey is based in Atlanta, Ga and describes himself as a Story Teller, perspective giver comedian.  He has been pursuing comedy for 4 years nows.

How would you describe your work? 

Different. I try and see what others are doing then I go in another direction. I ask myself constantly,

"How can I stand out, but remain true to my own creativity?"

 It’s easy to look at the 5 people ahead of you that are doing something that works and emulate it, but you will be just another guy in that pack. If you come to any of my social media pages or shows you’ll see what I mean by “Different”.


How did you get started with telling jokes professionally? 

I started in college, I made a few videos that went viral and someone on campus asked me if I wanted to host a Greek step show, at first I was like, “nahhh I’m good”. Then the guy said, “We will give you $300”. So that was my first paid gig with a mic in my hand.

 Where do you find inspiration for your work?

 I find my inspiration through life; it all comes from what I see.  I take in experiences through my eyes and process them and my head and spit them back out in the world displaying how I viewed (my perspective).  A lot the inspiration for my videos comes from women; women are the funniest creatures to me (in a good way). 

As an artist, why do you create?

 I love the feeling it gives me and then I love the feeling it gives others. When I see people out and they are quoting my videos line for line and word for word, I can tell it genuinely made them feel good to watch it. Its like the feeling I get when I watch an episode of Martin, laugher is good for the soul, I kind of look at myself as a doctor.

 What is your dream accomplishment as a comedian?

 My dream accomplishment is to sell out Madison Square Garden. New York is the mecca of comedy and MSG is the heart of the city.  Only a short list of comics have ever sold out the Garden and I would love to be one of them.

   What  do you think the role/responsibilities of an artist is in society? 

 It depends on the artist and their platform, whenever you have a voice and it speaks to the masses you can speak for the masses. My father once told me, “Having a platform and a voice is powerful, make sure you use the power wisely”. But every artist isn’t a super hero and I don’t hold it against anyone who just wants to create freely without any “responsibilities”.


What do you think is the biggest obstacle for a creative?

Peace of mind. It is hard to be creative when you are surrounded by noise, and noise comes in all forms; bills, Significant others, family, friends, etc. etc. You have to find an inner-peace within the noise to tap into creativity.


What have you learned along the way? Any advice that you would give to anyone wanting to pursue an art career? 

 Don’t do it! No, I’m joking. Stay true to yourself and your beliefs; remember no one knows anything. We are all lost when it comes to the path; the path changes daily so it is impossible for someone to tell you the path. Follow your own instincts; trust the process, and the path will make way for your goals.


What is the lasting impression you want to make on others with your comedy?

 Funny now and funny later. I would want my comedy to be timeless, I watch videos or TV shows from 10 years ago and some of them are not funny anymore, the material is dated. But there are some shows that can stand the test of time, like Martin, Living Color, Golden Girls, no matter how many times I’ve seen the episodes I laugh all over again. That is how I would like my comedy to be remembered, funny now and funny later.

For more information on Trey Moe, visit his website at, email him at, and follow him on social media at @TreyMoeShow ( TWITTER & INSTAGRAM)