Artist Spotlight : These Walls Talk III

Artist Spotlight : Vavavoom's These Wall Talk III w/ Kim Grimes & Spencer Charles

TWT will celebrate women and their beauty, strength and diversity. It will bring patrons and collectors together for a unique experience. 25 artists are displaying their specialized original artwork, along with two live band performances and a DJ to fulfill an undeniable vibe. These Walls Talk is built for the avant-garde crowd that isn’t afraid of making a statement and leaving an impression.

Recently our resident Stuntman, DJ Invert The World, sat down with Kim Grimes and Spencer Charles about the upcoming third installment of These Walls Talk Art Show. Check out the interview below! 

DJ: What was the spark that gave you the energy to make These Walls Talk? Where did it come from?

Kim: Honestly, I got a fat ass income tax check and I went to some art shows in the city and it was the year where art shows were just taking over and I’m not really a club person so I was like, ‘oh let me go to some art shows!’, and I really was inspired by a lot of the creatives in Atlanta and (said) ‘I want my own show!  I have my intimate aesthetics and wellness studio called Vavavoom where I work on vagina all day and it was just fitting! And I actually had bare walls in my studio. And it was weird because my first place, it was in a basement, but as soon as I started buying art and putting it on the wall, my clients had like tripled. I really believe in the power and energy of art.

DJ: Did it make them more comfortable or did it just provide a different energy feel in the room?

Kim: I think it definitely provided a different energy feel because there was no way people could have known it was back there until they got in the room because I was in a loft in the backside of the building in the basement. But, people started taking pictures of the art and they really took to it and were like ‘oh my god, my titties look just like the titties on the wall!’

DJ: So it was body part art

Kim: Yea I do have a lot of feminine art and that’s what inspired the art show

DJ: When I met you, I guess it was 2014, I was at an art show and you asked me to be a part of it. And I wondered if there was any pushback from doing an art show that was themed solely on vaginas. I know of course some of the guys, we joke like ‘haha oh man, an art show’ but I know that’s kind of a risqué thing to do because when I told people about it I said “yea I’m kind of a part of a…vagina art show”. Did you get any resistance?

Kim: Um… not so much. I think at that point everybody that knew me, knew what I did for a living so it didn’t come as a surprise. I guess the only pushback I got was getting flagged on Instagram! I got a lot of flags.

DJ: I could imagine. It’s your 3rd year around and you brought Spencer Charles to serve as your curator. What made you bring spencer on this year?

Kim: Spencer has always been behind the scenes of Vavavoom. I’ve been trying to get him to come out more in the forefront because he is talented and he has always done most of the imagery for Vavavoom. I can’t post a lot of it online. Matter of fact, [Spencer] you know you got my account shut down!

There was one dope DOPE picture that he took. I have to show it to you, it’s on my laptop. That’s what ultimately got my first Instagram account taken and I was like, ‘Damn, I was like 10,000 [subscribers] strong!’ But he does great work and my models always feel really comfortable with him.

DJ: You made a good choice. Spencer, When you’re looking for artists [for the show], what are the qualities that you look for?

Spencer: Really . . . there are a ton of great artists in Atlanta, and I just started pulling from artists that I’m inspired by, that I look up to, that I’ve worked with, want to work with and that I follow on social media. We started going through their work and seeing who would fit with the show. Doing that along with artists that Kim has worked with in the past and people she wants to work with. It’s really just a conversation between us, sitting down and looking at artists we are fans of and picking them… seeing who would work.

DJ: I know in Atlanta there is no short of erotic artists. All of us around here are painting ass and titties in one shape or form. I’ve been around art shows and I’ve seen some things that could kind of be crude but tastefully done. What are the things that make you say ‘uh…I don’t know if that fits what we do”?

Kim: If I look at something and I’m just like ‘eh, I could kind of see this while scrolling down my timeline or looking at any magazine in the store.’

DJ: Generic in other words?

Kim: Yea, I shy away from it. It’s a feeling that you get. You can tell the difference between somebody that truly loves and appreciates the female form for what it is, and somebody that’s just drawing it because they know it will sell.

DJ: That’s a good point. In other words, are you saying you’re looking for passion behind the work.

Kim: Depth!

DJ: Depth! Yea, we need depth in vaginal art.

Kim: Yea and Spencer has been great to work with he introduces me to a lot of people I didn’t know about. I also try to include artists that haven’t had as much exposure. Like, oh okay, you know… something new for everybody.

DJ: I can say firsthand the first 2 shows have been mind-blowing amazing sell outs. So what do you think has been the key to the success of your shows.

Kim: Um...I nag the shit out of these artists to promote. I harass y’all (the artists) so much. I feel bad about it but that’s just something that I really push the artists to do. And a lot of artists think oh you’re just doing that because you want to make sales. And, I don’t really make that much money off of the show, I really don’t. But, I want people to not just come and look but to come and buy. So, we start pretty far in advance at least month out and just have them push it To be honest, I was on this dating site once right, and I changed my profile picture to the flyer of the show. And, I lie to you not, there were probably about 20 people off there that I saw from the show.

DJ: Niche marketing!

Kim: A lot of men thought that there were going to be a lot of pussy at that show.

DJ: Technically there was!

Kim: You know there always is.

Spencer: All artistic though!

Kim: I definitely pay attention to the men for the show. They are some of the biggest supporters, buyers and lookers.

Check out the full unedited interview below

These Walls Talk III

Vaginally-Themed Art Sale and Showcase

April 23, 2017


Artlanta Gallery

645 Shelpton Ave SE


Atlanta, GA 30310

IG: VavavoomLLC



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