VAVAVOOM'S: These Walls Talk III

                                                           By: DJ Johnson & Bri Simpson                                                          

“Season’s change. Mad things rearrange but they all stay the same like the love doctor strange.” - The Fugees, How Many Mics.

This verse echoed in my head as I left the Atlanta Gallery Studio off of Metropolitan Sunday night.

by: Invert The World

by: Invert The World

Not too long ago in a near past (often referred to as Old Atlanta), Metropolitan Parkway was known as Stuart Ave. All the way up and down Stuart Ave you could by pussy of all caliber starting at about $5 (as urban legend would tell it. lol.) As I prepared for the show, my uncle stopped by and saw my artwork. Curiosity overtook him as he browsed over my work, and with a hint of laughter in his voice  he finally spoke.

Unc: “Mane...uh nephew? Where u going to hang THAT?! Lol…?”

Me: I'm in a vagina themed art show called “These Walls Talk” at a gallery on a lil side street at the corner of Metropolitan.

Unc: Stuart Ave...Wait….a vagina...Art show, on a side street off of Stuart ave…

Me: Lol...Yeah.


by: Alim Smith

by: Alim Smith

The Third annual These Walls Talk show, a vaginally inspired art show, was held on Sunday, April 23, 2017 at the Atlanta Gallery in the Westend area. The show was hosted by Kim Grimes, owner of Vavavoom, intimate aesthetics and wellness studio and curated by Spencer Charles, a photographer who concentration includes artistic nudes and urban culture. The show caters to many of Kim's existing customers, providing them with a room of colorful and expressive art that they can choose from. Ultimately, These Walls Talk is a celebration of the female anatomy.

But no matter how much I described it to my uncle, the fact remained, you had to see it to believe it. To add more poetic justice to the setting, on the day of the show, it was soaking wet. Outside that is. And seeing that my feature piece was titled “Wet and Ready”, I couldn’t help but to chuckle lightly throughout the day of the event. Although this was my third time being in TWT. I was just as excited as I was my first time. I saw so many familiar faces that I started my art journey with.

Setting up any art show is always an emotional roller coaster, and when the doors opens, Its SHOW TIME! DJ Hourglass filled the #PhatWorld airwaves mood with the smoothest blends of the most explicit pussy songs you have ever heard. I’m not sure how she was able to get patrons to nod their heads casually to 2 Live Crew’s “Pop That Pussy!” but she did. Every “pussy” song ever created in hip  hop history was played and delivered with class. The music eased my nervousness and now I was in go mode! Time to go to work.

As DJ Hourglass kept the good vibes flowing with her music, patrons filled the room, bouncing from table to table purchasing a variety of work. Even as it rained outside, everyone in the gallery space was all smiles, sharing laughs and conversation. I gazed over the room once more at my peers ready to push our work. I couldn’t help to notice our growth over the years.

Alim Smith & Bri Simpson

Alim Smith & Bri Simpson

Before my eyes we all have grown and traveled far on our creative paths. I met Bri Simpson, Summer King, and D. Hodges during my first TWT. At the time we all were just getting feet wet in the art world. I was amazing and wonderfully encouraging to see us move past “emerging” artists, and are now creative entrepreneurs.

Bri Simpson(@bri.simpson) is now the Creative Director for AB+L Radio, Summer King(@summerkingtheartist) runs her own art school and creative studio, and D.Hodges(@dhodges101) is simply an art beast; a master creative marketer and salesman that sells out at damn near every show. The show even had a surprise guest artist, Alim Smith(@yesterdaynite). His most recent series entitled "Memes" has been setting the internet on fire. His work at TWT added a more humorous and pop edge to the very feminine exhibit.

One thing i have to commend Kim Grimes and Spencer Charles on is they did a wonderful job curating an event that not only focused on appreciating art through observation, but through commerce. Folks came to buy! I’m not taking trying to “wheel and deal” either. Generally, if someone asked “How much is it?” most of the time it translates to “How much is this and maybe I can afford day”.

"I want people to not just come and look but to come and buy. " Kim Grimes

As an artist, shows like these are important. I've been to so many events where it's more like a party with nice decorations (in reference to the art) rather than actually focusing on the artwork and the artists themselves. But that's what Kim & Spencer provided yesterday, a space for creatives to sell their work to those who appreciate something a little different, and if you didn't come out, you can check out some of the photos from the event below.

Make sure you follow our host Kim Grimes (@vavavoomllc) and the event curator Spencer Charles (@spencer_charles) on IG. 

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DJ Johnson is Director of Operations for AB+L Radio. You can see more of his work at and follow him on IG @inverttheworld . Bri Simpson is the Creative Director at AB+L Radio. You can see and purchase her artwork on her website and follow her on IG @bri.simpson