Editors Pic. Invert's Playlist: Sonic Play 1

Most of my artwork is created during vampire hours; after sundown and before daylight. When I'm in painting mode my musical taste completely changes. No gangsta music; no trap music. I don't really know what genre it is. It's nothing that most people would expect me to listen too. Hell, most of them time I don't know the name of the artist or the song. Lol. So this is my attempt to track and report some of the dope music I vibe to. Its sonically heavy melodies with a good vibe. Check out my Sonic Playlist vol. 1

Invert The World

Q&A with Forte' Da Assassin

Recently, AB+L Radio sat down for a Q&A with indie rap artist, Forte' Da Assassin. From breaking and entering to falling over a speaker during a performance, let's just say Forte' Da Assassin's ride has been interesting thus far. Check out the full interview.

Follow Forte' Da Assassin on IG: @rvzorrvmon. Visit the website: https://www.fortetoolive.global/

Editor's Pick: Skipp Whitman

by DJ


You would be surprised the amount of music that comes across our email. To be specific, bad music. And we are not ones to judge, but often times its painful trying to get through some peoples 3 minutes of creative expression. But it's a necessary process to find gems like this, from  Skipp Whitman. This track is hypnotizing and the video draws you in and traps you. Pure Dopeness.  S/O to Skipp for shooting us this email. Thank you sir. We're looking forward to hearing your future release "Unfinished Songs Vol.1" 

Make sure you check Skip out on his platform. Peep out his newest project GoodNIGHT

IG @skippwhitman


Editor's Pick: Officialy Made - Back To Da Cafeteria Table

I was going through some music we had received from artists who performed at the #CultureUniversityshow during the A3C Festival and Conference recently. I came across a song titled, LOM. At first, I laughed because it seems like everything is some kind of acronym now. But acronyms intrigue me. Therefore, it's a MUST that I find out what the letters mean. So I listened, and quickly found out that LOM is short for Lean On Me.

But we're not talking about a Bill Withers remake here. We're talking about drank 'n drugs (in a fun, light-hearted way, of course).

The beat was immediately familiar and the hook was just as instantly infectious. I liked it so much that I went looking for more. That's when I came across this video of Officialy Made going old school as hell: feeding us fresh flows over the homie's beat... manufactured straight from the lunchroom table. And that's actually their album's name, well Back To Da Cafeteria Table  - to be exact. But if this video is any indication of what these guys bring to the "table" (pun intended), then the rap game has a couple of new faces to get excited about. And it should be obvious the city in which they rep.

Currently, Officialy Made has two songs in rotation on ABLRadio.com: LOM (Lean On Me) and Benjamin.

Also check out their Soundcloud and let them know what you think https://soundcloud.com/officialymade

Aight, that's my time.


Mach Diesel


Mach Diesel is COO of AB+L Radio. 

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