By Free The Vision

Over the past weekend, ATLiens had the chance to indulge in another round of music, education, and entertainment at this year’s A3C Festival. The festival returned on Wednesday, October 6th, to various conferences on artist development. Artists had the opportunity to learn better strategies on social media marketing, pitching, expanding your crowd following, indie film knowledge, and so much more. The festival offered something for everyone as they gave upcoming artists the insight of industry executives and mainstream artist.

The energy of the festival transformed Edgewood into a hustler’s magnet as people from all over the country came to Atlanta in hopes to spread their music. At any given time, you would find aspiring musicians passing out their music to concertgoers while enjoying the sounds of artists like Too Short and DJs like Kid Capri. The emerging digital radio platform AB+L Radio gave hopeful rappers an opportunity to showcase their freestyle skills over classic Hip-Hop beats. The station showcased the validity of their tagline, “New Rules. New Radio”  as they set the tone of the festival with their custom DJ sets, and crowd engagement.

As artist hit the stage all types of vendors lined the festival grounds to give attendees all they could possibly need. From Heineken to Swisher Sweets the crowd was able to create their perfect vibe to enjoy the festivities. Not all vendors spoke to the frivolous enjoyment of the audience, some vendors like AIDS Healthcare Foundation offered free on the spot HIV testing which is a much-needed service to fight the epidemic of HIV in the city of Atlanta.

With music lovers and entrepreneurs overflowing the A3C grounds the feeling of progress and opportunity was in the air. A3C shows why Atlanta is seen as a hub of black entrepreneurial progression. For many of those seeking the next big break, whether through a personal connection or the information provided by the conferences, A3C serves as a place where you can level up and pursue your creative niche.  

photos by Invert The World for blog.ablradio.com


 You can listen to Free the Vision on "Running Free" on AB+L Radio on Wednesday at 3pm and 11pm