By The MFN Editor

      A seemingly inconspicuous old building nestled within a quietly ducked off residential neighborhood served as playground for one of the South’s most promising musical playgrounds. 2016’s Milk and Cookies festival enjoyed massive success Saturday, September 24th, and at just four years old, the event solidified their place as a must- see stage during Atl’s concert and festival season.

Showcasing the talents of EDM and Dubstep giants such as JMSN, TokiMonsta and Kaytranda, Milk and Cookies comfortably brought together over 1500 members of Atlanta’s diverse racial and creative communities, which is a notable achievement  in trying social times such as these. There’s also the dope venue that is 787 Windsor Street, (an artisanal cross between a skate park, industrial garage and chic large studio) and The First Taste Atl’s team uncanny ability to completely reimagine a space and immerse patrons in a unforgettable environmental experience.

The grounds for the Milk and Cookies festival became an adult recess, housing life-size beer pong, life-size Jenga and even Twister. During the 10 hour turn up, Sounds from the WERC Crews’ DJs Xavier Blk and DJ Hourglass, as well as performances from Atlanta favorite Father captivated daytime audience members, and by nightfall TokiMonsta and Kaytranda gave the crowd more than their moneys’ worth.

Milk and Cookies is truly only a couple of years (and couple shows of consistency) away from becoming a major contender on the major stage circuit, and we can’t wait to see it’s growth. Be sure to grab your tickets next year and follow promotion teams ADE, Bowe Inc., and First Taste Atl to see what’ll they’re bringing the city next.