Editor's Pick: Officialy Made - Back To Da Cafeteria Table

I was going through some music we had received from artists who performed at the #CultureUniversityshow during the A3C Festival and Conference recently. I came across a song titled, LOM. At first, I laughed because it seems like everything is some kind of acronym now. But acronyms intrigue me. Therefore, it's a MUST that I find out what the letters mean. So I listened, and quickly found out that LOM is short for Lean On Me.

But we're not talking about a Bill Withers remake here. We're talking about drank 'n drugs (in a fun, light-hearted way, of course).

The beat was immediately familiar and the hook was just as instantly infectious. I liked it so much that I went looking for more. That's when I came across this video of Officialy Made going old school as hell: feeding us fresh flows over the homie's beat... manufactured straight from the lunchroom table. And that's actually their album's name, well Back To Da Cafeteria Table  - to be exact. But if this video is any indication of what these guys bring to the "table" (pun intended), then the rap game has a couple of new faces to get excited about. And it should be obvious the city in which they rep.

Currently, Officialy Made has two songs in rotation on ABLRadio.com: LOM (Lean On Me) and Benjamin.

Also check out their Soundcloud and let them know what you think https://soundcloud.com/officialymade

Aight, that's my time.


Mach Diesel


Mach Diesel is COO of AB+L Radio. 

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