Renee Gardner on Sweet Auburn

 Renee Gardner on Sweet Auburn

by DJ Johnson

After a long night at the AB+L Radio studio, I got a text from my homeboy and business partner. The message was simple:

 "Come thru and take a quick meeting".

By this time business hours have long ended, but I agreed to the meet up anyway. I head over to a local local lounge where my homeboy was at, and we chop it up into the night. Around 1:30 a.m, our meeting finally came to a close.  As we're leaving the lounge and rounding the corner of Atlanta's historic Auburn Ave., a familiar face among a few passer-byers catches my eye.

Now generally I'm well composed when it comes to celebrities. There are only a handful of artists that can make me just fan out. Just minutes before, JOI  walked in the venue. I hugged her and acted like we'd been friends since high school, despite the fact deep down I was just as excited as a high school hormonal kid. But as I stood on the corner, I looked over my shoulder and there she was, Renee Gardner.

Now you all may or may not have heard of her but dammit I HAVE! For the the last year her melodic voice has been vibrating through our AB+L Radio airwaves. I've been a fan of her music from afar. When I got a chance to meet her formally for the first time, I had the "big eye emoji face."

When I saw her on the corner, I fanned out.

"HOLY SHIT HEY RENEE REMEMBER ME!?". (Thank God she did).

I hugged the shyt out of her and proceeded to tell her how damn near EVERY guy on the station is walking around singing or humming 'Yooooooou cannot teelll meeeee.....". I mean, I HAD to stop her. Its rare you get a song stuck in your soul. A song that gives you a voice, lyrics and a melody that permeates your inner being, speaks to you and your situation, and eases you mind all at the same time. Damn, that sound like a drug.... She proceeded to tell me she had new some new music that she JUST released. Like literally, yesterday.

As you can tell. I am a fan of this young lady. She is an amazing talent and is just getting started in her career. Her latest release is a track titled "He's Mine" inspired by J. Cole's "She's Mine" from For Your Eyes Only. Take some time you just listen. I'm sure you will quickly become a fan as well. 

You can here more of Renee on her Souncloud pager here Also follow her on social media at @reneetheg and onlie at

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