5 Things You Need To Know About the Birmingham AB+L Art Show

Birmingham!!! Welcome and get ready to experience a new kind of art and music event. For old fans and supporters, it will be a night of familiarity and good vibes. For newcomers and curious minds, it will be a night you won't forget. With that being said, there are a few need to knows in order to maximize your time out.

1. Its Free but You MUST RSVP--  Let’s be honest, when was the last time you were able to get in any club/party worthwhile for free?!? RSVP does not mean you stand outside as bouncers hold the line for general admission, while VIP gets to cut in front and go in. Actually, there is no VIP at all. Everyone is welcomed with open arms, so long as you RSVP here or here at www.jackhoneyabl.com Other wise, your fantabulous self will be sitting at home all dressed up with nowhere to go. Also, we cannot stress this enough, please...GET THERE EARLY.  This isn’t a “Oh I’ll wait until 10pm. No one will be there early” kind of event. Nah, RSVP, plan your outfit out the day before, and bring yo ass on time.

2. Drinks on the House!-- For those who don’t know, the show is sponsored and presented by Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey and Gentleman Jack. Over the last decade Jack Daniels has done a wonderful job rolling out creative drinks for the creatives. This year it's all about Honey Jack! Rest assure you will get to try out some of the coolest cocktails courtesy of JD. And the best part is, you guessed it, they’re FREE.

3. It is Interactive.-- Every year there is a dope piece of art that patrons are allowed to interact with. Last season curator, and featured Dubelyoo did a full boxing installation with included a stack of money and an actual Special Edition SARTONK IBF championship belt! Years before they had a throne, the oversize chair from Pee Wee Hermans Big Adventure, and his bike. This show goes above and beyond the typical art shows where you look at pretty pieces hung delicately on the wall. No no. You are invited to fully submerge in creativity.

4. Be prepared for sensory overload-- If you like to be a wallflower, hidden in the back of the room hoping strangers don’t come speak to you, you may want to reevaluate your plans. Also, if you are planning to stand around and be “cute”, mean mugging people when they bump into you, you may also want to reevaluate your plans. While both are more than welcomed to come out, AB+L is all about being in the moment. And with so much to do, a good time is guaranteed. There is liquor, art, break dancing, liquor, DJs, musical artist, people to talk t, and did we say liquor??

5. Art IS For Sale-- Come on people. That’s what we are here for. While this is the last point on the list, it is the main point of the show. We’ve distracted you with lights and music to help you to realize that art is dope. With free entry and free drinks, take those $20-40 dollars saved and check out the talented artists that will be in the building. Ask them questions about their work, compliment their style, and if there is merchandise to buy, which there will be, spread the love around and support them.

All and all, it is truly an indescribable experience. So come out, and get ready!