Jack Honey Art Beats & Lyrics Miami Recap

by Bri Simpson

photos by Invert The World

On Saturday, December 10,2016 the Art beats and lyrics art show made its way to Miami. The show was held in Maps backlot, an eclectic outside space in the Wynwood art district. It had been raining on and off all day, but this did not stop the show form happening. Event tents were set up to keep the rain out, and promptly at 8pm, the doors opened to the public. 

By 8:30, over 100 people were rotating through the interactive art exhibits to the bar. The crowd was a mix of art patrons and hip hop heads, spanning in age from early 20s to mid 40s. The attendees dressed in a variety of styles: from street wear to pumps and furs coats, afrocentric prints and suits were all under the same "roof." This is the nature of the AB+L brand; it bridges distinct worlds together, reminds them of what they have in common, and shows them that a good time can be had all together. In this case, what brought everyone out to the show was their love for art, for music, and possibly for free drinks. 

The DJs kept the crowd moving through their sets. The show headliners, Sango and Dj Jazzy Jeff, were a sight to see. The crowd grooved and 2-stepped to Sango's set with such an in sync rhythm, it almost looked rehearsed. When Jazzy Jeff took the stage, it was like Hip Hop 1 on 1. The way he mixed his songs together, scratching records in between, chopping up samples, it was truly a performance. Ironically during his iconic set, the rain began to fall again. It poured down onto the covered space, but the crowd was unbothered, as they continued to dance and sing the night away. It seemed as if, the deeper DJ Jazzy Jeff dug into the crates, the harder the rain fell, baptizing the crowd into a frenzy. Some attendees even opted to stay outside and danced merrily in the rain. 

Positivity was alive and well in Miami. All and all, the show was another successful turn out. 

If you have yet to experience this one of a kind show, you have a few more times to catch the tour. The show will be in Dallas January 13, 2017, in St. Louis February 24, 2017 and the final show for the tour season will be in Birmingham March 10, 2017. Until then, follow the IG page and blog for more things on Arts, Beats, and Lyrics. 


Bri Simpson is a Creative Writer for AB+L Radio. Check out her website for more of her work
Invert The World is Creative Director  and Photographer for AB+L Radio. Check out more of his work at www.InvertTheWorld.com