Chillhop: The Best Hip Hop Jazzmataz

I work in an environment where music is encouraged but the content choice could either get you reprimanded, fired or sued. It's just not a good thing for my regional supervisor to walk in my space and hear the speaker bumping, as I sing along "....Cookin up dope with a Uzi..." . Its just not a good look. So in my attempt to find some music that is socially appropriate and culturally relevant, I stumbled on this youtube channel called Chillhop. Chill hop hosts 2, 24/7 live streams of Lofi Hip Hop, and Hip Hop Jazz instrumental. They also have a shit ton of 2 hour jazz mixed that cater to your specific mood and the seasons. Check out the 24/7 Lofi stream below and check out their you tube channel for more. 

Written by: DJ Johnson  Invert The World Art & Design.

Bleuroom Media

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