The Eye of Rah Presents: Dear Black Love

Last week on The Eye of Rah show, host and DJ Empress Rah featured Brian Dwayne, an Atlanta based photo artist, blogger, and the creator of  

Dearblacklove is a community based initiative where couples can submit photographs, writings, and artwork that reflects what it means to be black and in a loving relationship. The focus of the project is to inspire and promote unity within the black community.

 During the show, Brian talks about what prompted the need for this movement as well as why its necessary. 

"I don't just shoot without a purpose...what I decided to do is ground this series of images in the idea of black love... You don't see a lot of powerful images of natural, black, loving relationships in not only social media, but popular media. So the idea was to create that myself." - Brian Dwayne.

Check out the audio below for the full interview and listen to The Eye of Rah show on Wednesdays at 7pm on AB+L Radio.