MFITS! Atlanta's Own Urban Culture Pop Media Wraps Up First Season

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A few weeks ago social medial went ablaze when Issac Hayes III posted the tweet: 


ATLANTA needs it’s own Pop Culture Urban Media. ATL cranks out the majority of the current urban culture but has ZERO power media. No Breakfast Club No Everyday Struggle No Big Boys Neighborhood No TMZ L.A. and NYC control the conversation ATL culture creates. Gotta change.
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Its amazing how the platforms that do JUST THAT in the city go unnoticed for being an outlet for the culture (Day1Radio, Making It Magazine, Thanks For Listening and of course AB+L Radio). AB+L Radio's cofounder and COO, Mach Diesel, just completed the first season of Mad Fresh In These Streets; a video series showcasing the dope visuals of the independent, underground& unsigned. When we asked Mach Diesel what was his inspiration to create the series, he said: 

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I grew up watching Fab 5 Freddy with Yo MTV Raps and Hits From the Street. But I watched Arnell Starr and American Music Makers A LOT. I remember watching him break icons. That show introduced a lot of ppl to the likes of Lil' JonGoodie MobJermaine Dupri, even Outkast

I always wanted to do something like that. Then, when Arnell passed in 2013, I felt the desire to do it get stronger. If for no other reason than to pay homage to a show I thoroughly enjoyed whenever I could catch it on #WUPATV #UPN69. I also remember being devastated when I heard he passed in 2013. I thought about how important his show was to Atlanta's musical foundation and culture and realized that type of show will always be needed. So in 2017 I decided to do the show myself"

Mad Fresh In These Streets showcased 30 artists and their videos over 10 episodes in their first season. Check it out: 

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