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All Black Everything Art Exhibition

 South Fulton County Art Center will debut a new art exhibition titled ALL BLACK EVERYTHING. All Black Everything is a glorification of blackness in the literal sense of the phrase. We are interested in the actual color black itself! There is a certain stigma that surrounds the color black. We get it all of the time in our language, but also in other ways we communicate with each other (bad guys where black... a black cat is bad luck). This exhibition aims to explore the psychological implications of our fundamental relationship with the color black.

"Black has a curious mystique that is usually associated with the unknown or the ominous, but it also represents strength, dominance, power, and authority! Black is formal, elegant, and prestigious." - ATL visual artist rEN

The ALL BLACK EVERYTHING exhibition will feature twenty Atlanta area artists!

"The color black seems everlasting. I feel it when I see it. I embrace it when I hear it." - Co-curator Courtney Brooks

The exhibition will be the third installment of the new NEXT LEVEL ART SHOW series at S.F.A.C. and will be on display until Dec 13th 2017. 

Authoritative and powerful, the color black will always evoke strong emotions in one way or another. The All Black Everything exhibition aims to unpack this dynamic color from different creative perspectives.

Location: South Fulton County Art Center

Address: 4645 Butner Rd, College Park, GA 30349

Admission: Free and open to the public


Also featuring a NEXT LEVEL performance by: Grammy Nominated Singer/Songwriter Anthony David