How do i get my own podcast show on ab+l radio?

If you are interested in having your own show on AB+L radio, please send us your show pitch and include:

  • A summary of the show concept
  • How often it will air (weekly, bi weekly, monthly)
  • Who are the hosts and their creative background
  • If there is a DJ as part of the show


how do i submit my music to the Ab+l radio?

If you are a music artist or artist manager, please send your information to ONLY for music submissions.

How do i get a guest interview on a ab+l show?

Typically, each show is responsible for scheduling interviews for their shows directly. The host reaches out to whom he or she wants to bring in, or the clients reach out to the host.

However, if you do not know any of the show hosts personally, but would like to work with the station, please email your times of availability to and we will schedule you an in house interview at the best available time and date. 


I'm a blogger/photographer. how do i contribute to the site?

If you are interested in being a guest blogger or guest photographer for the website, please send:

  • A writing sample or a link to your online portfolio
  • Contact information and social media handles

to our creative director at


I'm hosting an event. How can i get a media sponsorship with ab+L?

If you are interested in working with AB+L to advertise your event, please email with:

  • A description of your event
  • The event date

I'm hosting an event/i am an artist. Can ab+L write about it/me?

If you would like for AB+L to journalistically cover your event or to do an editorial write up, please email your pitch over to our creative director at Include:

  •  Points of interests
  • Contact information and social media handles
  • When the post needs to be published
  • Promotional images and flyers for web and social media