Your New Years Evolution


By Free The Vision

Photos by Demarco Valentine

It’s no secret everyone comes into the New Year with new expectations. It’s a time for review and readjusting old habits and perspectives so that everyone can level up. Around this time of year, everyone is very goal oriented and motivated about life and progress in general. The question is how do we keep the momentum all year?

Instead of thinking about the cliche New Year resolutions, consider it an evolution. There are so many things we evolve from over life so now is no different. Although I am a firm believer that every day is a new experience, I also love the ability to look at the calendar and determine my growth over a specific time frame. I have a few suggestions for keeping yourself going throughout the year.

•   Create Obtainable & Measurable Goals —

Every year, break down your goals into quarters. Give yourself a few tasks to handle within the first month, and track your progress. By doing this you are able to physically see yourself moving toward your ultimate desire. Many people just state what they want to be different but never draw up a map of how to get there. Now is the time to create your steps and walk them.


•   Have Progressive Conversations —

When you find yourself in a loop of talking about things that don’t sound like the direction you want to be heading, redirect your attention to something more productive. Clarity in communication is vital to progress. If we don’t go through the year assuming, we can find a lot more knowledge that helps us develop realistic perspectives of where we’re going. Don’t be afraid of difficult conversations. They’re necessary.

Things are only as awkward as people make them. If you want to be sure of your direction you must be able to have productive and progressive conversations. You have to have people around you who stimulate the most creative sides of you. Inspiration poured in equals motivation put out.

•   Stay Interested —

Sometimes we allow ourselves to fall out of love with goals and ideas when we don’t see results or validation from our efforts. Do your very best to stay interested and stay in a groove. It’s very hard to do when you have expectations that feel far off from being materialized. The catch is, you never know when they are coming to life. It might not happen overnight, but it does happen one day, so that can be at any time. Don’t be so hard on yourself, know your work is an investment to the payoff of your vision.

•   Celebrate Small Victories -

When you achieve anything it is progress. If you are working toward goals and you make it a little further than you originally saw yourself then you should celebrate this moment. You should be proud of the steps you have made knowing that little steps compounded together equal big steps. That’s something that’s very often forgotten. A lot of times we want our achievements to be one huge event, but we must get there through the process. It’s a process to progress, so be sure to see it through.

No one is immune to feeling tired and worn out from hard work, but you have to learn how to rest instead of giving up. Pace yourself to your goal. If we stay focused this year will bring a lot of progress.

Photos by Demarco Valentine