The AB+L Experience

By Invert The World

On Friday, January 13, 2017, the Arts, Beats, and Lyrics showcase went out west to Dallas for another installment. Gilley's overflowed with good vibes and smiles. During the show, we met  Byrd Vanity, a local Dallas blogger by way of Detroit. She has been a fan following the AB+L movement for a few months and gave us her take on the one of kind experience.

It seemed like I waited for Friday the 13th for forever, but finally the day had come to check out the Art, Beats, and Lyrics show. Rarely do I arrive to an event when it starts, but something in my gut told me to get there early. And boy was I glad that I listened.
Despite it being freezing cold outside, the line to get in was wrapped around the corner. It was packed BUT no one complained. I could have stood outside for hours and personally I would do it again because once I got inside, I was blown away.
This was a life changing experience for me as a fellow artist. I met so many amazing creatives. There were musicians there, photographers, and everything in between. The patrons even added to the artistry of the event with their colorful hairstyles and fashionable outfitsThere was a real sense of peace and love in the building as everyone viewed the featured artwork. Saying that the show is diverse is truly an understatement. 
I'm a lover of pictures and networking. I couldn't take enough pictures and speak to enough people that night. It was so beautiful to be in a space to meet so many local artists. By the end of the night, I didn't want to leave, they literally had to push me out the doors. AB+L Dallas was a night I won't forget. 

This post was contributed by Byrd Vanity. Byrd Vanity is a blogger based in Dallas, TX.