E.J. of Thanks for listening joins Meeting of the Minds Part 1: Table discussion covering everything from the Bill Cosby scandal, Kanye West rants, Donald Trump presidency, and the ups and downs of relationships! Join the conversation and let us know what you think!

The Thanks For Listening podcast is a platform for two urban millennials from Atlanta and New Orleans, discussing life, love and everything in between. Simply put, it’s the show made for everyday people, just like you.

During the summer of 2016, E.J. (@D.A.N.Pharaoh) and Okla (@coolhandoak) realized that there was a clear void in the mass communications world. Their perspective on certain topics such as politics, music, popular culture and sports from the view point of the southern, urban African-American male was something that America needed to hear. E.J. was born in Atlanta’s historic SWATs section. Influenced by some of his region’s greatest artists, he is on pace to become the city’s next hip-hop superstar. Okla, a writer and artist born in New Orleans, LA, takes you on a journey through life and the world with his unique point of view; using a heavy splash of southern flavorThe Thanks For Listening podcast is available on multiple platforms online. You can check the show out every Friday and 12P est on SoundCloudiTunesStitcher,GooglePlay and Spotify. The movement can also be supported on various social media sites; such as FacebookInstagram and Twitter

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